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Sam Baker

Performer - Musician - Owner LLS

Performer - Musician - Producer

Owner LoneStar Sound 

Sam has been singing and playing music for a lot of years. (He won’t say exactly how many ! ) Sam has been singing and playing professionally for over 15 years and for the past 3 years has relied solely on his music for support. Sam draws music from a wide spectrum of genres, Folk, Big Band, Blue Grass, 20-30-40-50’s, Light Rock, classic Country and Western and of course a few Show Tunes thrown in for good measure. Sam likes to pepper his show with audience participation and engagement, so be on your toes and be ready to be thoroughly entertained!


January  2019 Sam acquired LoneStar Sound From Jessie Frank. 

Jessie Frank


Founder Emeritus

Jessie is a talented guitar player and singer who has been entertaining audiences for over 35 years. He has performed with Bobbie Austin and The Cascades, Johnny Cash, Roy Clark, and Winn Stewart. He has also toured with Willie Nelson and Glenn Campbell. Jessie worked for RCA records for 12 years and has appeared in numerous television commercials and a number of episodes of the TV series “Dallas.” 

As a third generation soldier, Jessie comes from a long line of self-professed flag-wavers. During his third tour with U.S. Army Special Forces in Vietnam, he was sent home on a stretcher. He was awarded two purple hearts, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and a Distinguished Service Cross. Although his soldiering days were over, he looks back on his service to his country with no regrets. Entertaining veterans is an important part of Jessie's music career.

Jessie's warmth and humor blend with his natural story-telling ability to transform the music into a unique and personalized entertainment experience whether it is a one-hour performance or an entire evening. With his many years of experience, Jessie is adept at tailoring his program to a specific audience's interests. 

Jessie holds a B.A. degree from Walla Walla College, an M.A. in music and guitar from Loma Linda University and a Ph.D. in music therapy from Southern Methodist University. 

Vic Pore


Performer  / Musician

 During College days Vic played Bass in the UNT Jazz Band and Orchestra. He went on to play different genres with a variety musicians in numerous venues. His  experience with well known entertainers included working with the legendary Doug Kershaw for 3 years, Janie Frickie for 1 year and a number of performances with Charley Pride and The Gatlin Brothers. After playing locally and travelling on the road with local acts and celebrities he decided to expand his horizons by going solo with his guitar and vocals. It was then that he began to focus on playing music that appealed to the masses and focus on his original compositions. “Hey Richard”, was written about the infamous Richard Gere and seems to have become my theme song. He has also has many years of experience playing music for Norwegian Cruise Line & Princess Cruise Line as a Principle Musician or House Musician. He feels blessed to have been a professional musician for 40 years now and look forward to many great gigs to come. 

Tim Banks


Performer - Musician  - Producer

A guitarist and keyboard player, Tim’s musical style fits in the categories of Americana, Folk and Gospel music.  His shows and performances are entertaining, and uplifting.  He is a long-time musician singer-songwriter. He often incorporates humor and storytelling in his lyrics and music. He graduated from Baylor University’s School of Music. He has performed in conventional secular music venues and for events, rallies, organizations, and groups across the country.

Don Wall


Performer - Musician - Producer

Don Wall is a singer/songwriter who enjoys playing Classic Country music on his acoustic guitar.  Originally from Massachusetts, Don grew up playing drums in rock & roll bands, and continued to play rock, blues, and country when he moved to Texas about 30 years ago.  When his daughter showed an interest in country fiddle, Don began playing guitar at age 40 to accompany her.  Since then, he has immersed himself in bluegrass, country, folk, Irish, patriotic, and Americana music.  Don began playing for seniors and people with special needs about ten years ago, when his own mother was in a hospice house.  The experience was so rewarding, Don has continued to play for “the greatest audiences” ever since.  Don has also recorded an EP of his original songs with the group Texas Switchgrass.

Tom Sullinger


Performer - Musician  - Producer

Tom is a solo pianist and keyboardist. Tom can also back vocalists in duo setting. Tom has experience in band performance styles that include: Jazz Standards, Smooth Jazz, Blues, Pop, R&B, Country, Rock, and Boogie Woogie.

Tom has experience as a music producer, arranger, and audio engineer. He has played on, recorded and produced over 30 custom album projects. Tom has recorded backing tracks for radio, TV and film. He has recorded backing tracks, and sequences for live performances.

JessIe Frank

Shinning up the strings... Chattanooga Shoe Shoe Boy! 

Sam BakeR

Here is Sam Baker playing at Burger Shack

Don Wall (and Friends)

Don Wall's production company produces great videos. Here is a sample of his video work, and Don Leading the song. 

Tim Banks

Here's a selection of Tim's songs. 

Vic Pore

Vic Pore has a great cool jazzy style

Tom Sullinger

A selection of favorites from Tom